Football Development Institute

Football Development Institute

The world has an obligation to reform, make changes, make changes, make, process, make, implement, employ several football suppliers. The process of project success is the Football Development Institute – Football Development Institute – life by Marcin Gabora.

The aim of the program is to increase the level of access to the program in Europe. FDI has the ambition to take over the role of a Competence Center operating in four countries (Poland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland).

There is no one general football. Football behaves as I understand it, how I figured it out for myself and how I model it.

Marcin Gabor
CEO, author of the FDI concept

How do we want to raise the level of football?

właściwej świadomości

We expose the trends and stereotypes present in “modern football”, explain our understanding of football in detail, additionally supporting specialists and clubs in building an individual “football identity”.

merytorycznych kanonów

We present football as a truly team discipline, we prove the status of “team tactics / organization of the game” as the most important aspect, and we also put the idea to play at the epicenter of activities and events.

programów edukacyjnych

We organize substantively innovative and certified courses (one-year, two-year) for 15 Specialist roles in football, based on the “FDI Soccer Identity”. For Graduates, access to advisory and mentoring support.

z Klubami

Again, the basis is the “FDI Soccer Identity”. We conduct professional audits, implement individual development projects and a program called “Complex development of the Club”. We offer management courses.

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