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Cooperation process

The procedure for cooperation with the Club is divided into two parts. The first contains a mandatory scheme for establishing cooperation (recruitment stage). In the second phase (cooperation stage), linearity is no longer valid, and the course of cooperation depends on selected structural and specific aspects.

The following is a brief overview of both parts. Detailed information on the portfolio of services, as well as a presentation of the collaboration methodology can be found on the relevant subpages of the “Club Development” section.

Cooperation with Clubs | recruitment stage

  • Initial consultation

    For some club representatives, reading the extensive content material on the Football Development Institute website provides enough background to make a decision on applying for cooperation. Other executives prefer to make additional contact with our office. Which cooperation scenario should I choose? Which path will be best for my Club? How does the process of developing a football Club practically work? FDI responds patiently to each subject question, accompanying the Club from initial stage.

    The initial request should be sent directly to our office.

  • Applying

    Sending an application does not mean the inauguration of the Institute’s support, but initiates a verification procedure. As part of it, the Football Development Institute will make one of the decisions: to proceed with the application, the need to supplement the documentation, or to reject the application.

    The official application should be addressed via email to the Football Development Institute office.

  • Additional verification

    If the analysis of the submitted request is successfully completed, the Club is admitted to the next stage of the application procedure – this is the additional verification. It includes one or two specific steps:

    additional tasks (optional)
    “Additional tasks” appear in selected cases and take on different forms. FDI can send a number of practice questions, ask for a position on certain topics, as well as express a will to receive precise explanations in relation to the indicated topics. Additional tasks are always solved in written form.

    verification interview (mandatory)
    The final chapter of the recruitment procedure is an interview with representatives of the Club. The meeting is held remotely. From the FDI side, the initial conclusions of the verification so far are communicated, while the main part of the event is the argumentative speech of those representing the Club, referring to the submitted application.

Cooperation with Clubs | cooperative stage

  • Advisory

  • Content-Related Audit

  • Development Projects

  • Complex Club Development

There is no single path of collaboration. The variety of possible constellations in terms of structure and details makes us use the method of individual cooperation process with respect to the standards of the Football Development Institute.

Club requesting support can take advantage of separate services, that is, “Advisory”, “Content-Related Audit” or “Development Projects”. In each of the mentioned content structures additionally appears a choice of the cooperation form and cooperation subject. And yet, there is also the possibility of applying in the direction of “Complex Club Development”. In addition, the football Club in question is either just starting to cooperate with FDI, or already has experience, related to the professional involvement of the Institute. The number of potential variants means that the general schedule and the detailed process of collaboration are arranged on an individual basis, tailored to the specifics of the project.