Football Development Institute

FDI Experts

FDI Experts

Marcin Gabor

Author of the FDI concept, models, educational and development programs | wide range of expertise

Dariusz Laszczyk

sports law | formal aspects

Leszek Bohdanowicz

compliance & integrity | finance | marketing

Philipp Kaufmann

sports department management | team squad planning | scouting

Konrad Czapeczka

sports psychology | mental training

Rafał Malinowski

sports psychology | mental training

Achim Ittner

digital strategy | management processes in Clubs | IT applications in Club operations

Sebastian Szweda

tactics | team tactics | work of the Coach

Mikołaj Zych

tactical analysis | analysis software | modern working methods

Christoph Semmler

goalkeeper training | working with goalkeepers

David Wood

English in football

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