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Education Platform of FDI

Today we can officially announce that we have just launched the first project within the "Education platform of FDI". The premiere project is based on recordings of lectures from the first edition of the Football Club Management Conference, which took place on 19-20.06 in Wrocław.

The first edition of the Football Club Management Conference is behind us

The premiere edition of the Football Club Management Conference, organized by the Football Development Institute, was held on 19-20.06. We are pleased to report the full success of our venture. FCM Conference is now a new event on the football map of Europe.

Football Club Management Conference

We officially announce the Football Club Management Conference, an event dealing with aspects of management and development of professional football clubs. The next edition will take place in Wrocław. FCM Conference is a pioneering event on a European scale.

Football ISM | New partnership of FDI

Introducing our new technological Partner. This time the Football Development Institute family has been joined by the Football ISM app from Portugal.

Content-related audit of FDI | special program comes to an end

A few weeks ago, we announced a "special programme" for Polish Clubs, providing the benefits of a "Content-related audit" for a total of 120,000 euro. We are slowly approaching the final decisions.

Football Club Management | FDI

We have launched the first specific project in the next stage of our development. We are pleased to announce that the profile "Football Club Management | FDI" is now available.

Prepare for autumn | announcement

We have launched our "Prepare for autumn." campaign. It marks the next stage in the evolution of the Football Development Institute.

We provide educational support to the Academic Circle of the School of Economics

Football Development Institute is not slowing down. From now on, we are educating students by starting cooperation with the Student Scientific Circle of Sports Management at the Warsaw School of Economics.

Benefits worth 120,000 euro for Polish Clubs

Football Development Institute is donating substantive benefits worth 120,000 euro to the Polish Clubs. The list of beneficiaries should fill up in the following weeks.

“Club Development System” | folders

We have prepared a package of brochures, presenting the directions of support and benefits for European Clubs from the Football Development Institute.

Summary of SPORTBIZ 2022 conference

The SPORTBIZ 2022 event (17-18.05), where the Football Development Institute took on the role of Partner, has come to an end. Here is a summary of the two days of the conference from our perspective.

We partner with SPORTBIZ 2022

Football Development Institute has become a Partner of SPORTBIZ 2022, one of the largest international sporting events in Poland. Our support is substantive in nature.