Football Development Institute



The first edition of the Football Club Management Conference is behind us

The premiere edition of the Football Club Management Conference, organized by the Football Development Institute, was held on 19-20.06. We are pleased to report the full success of our venture. FCM Conference is now a new event on the football map of Europe.

Football Club Management Conference

We officially announce the Football Club Management Conference, an event dealing with aspects of management and development of professional football clubs. The next edition will take place in Wrocław. FCM Conference is a pioneering event on a European scale.

Football ISM | New partnership of FDI

Introducing our new technological Partner. This time the Football Development Institute family has been joined by the Football ISM app from Portugal.

Football Club Management | FDI

We have launched the first specific project in the next stage of our development. We are pleased to announce that the profile "Football Club Management | FDI" is now available.

FDI partners the conference

Football Development Institute has become an official Partner of KMD Sports Conference 2022: Data in sports. The event will take place on 29.03 in Warsaw, Poland, and will also be streamed online.

Introducing a new Partner

Football Development Institute undertakes cooperation with selected entities that support our activities in various areas. Today we present one of the Content Partners. We are talking about Laszczyk Football Group.

Two webinars are behind us

Two webinars have already been held in 2022, during which Marcin Gabor presented the Football Development Institute. More information on this topic follows in the text.

Unsatisfied plans progress

Marcin Gabor - in his opening article - touches upon the specific reasons why he established the Football Development Institute. He summarizes briefly more than 15 years of his professional activity in football, noting the currently primitive nature of it. He also outlines the main goal and invites you to "another world of football."