Football Development Institute

We are delighted to officially announce today the content campaign of the FDI called “Prepare for autumn.” It marks the next stage in the evolution of the Football Development Institute, which will become visible in numerous areas.

The final conceptual preparations for the entire project took many months. We completed the entire process with a design plan that takes into account the following segments:
  • communication | language
  • destination markets
  • education of Specialists
  • educational events
  • development of Clubs
  • focus on key areas of football
  • research projects
  • FDI structural expansion
  • involvement of the FDI as a development partner in external projects

The first two of these points have already been implemented through concrete decisions.

In the first stage, the strategic objectives of the Football Development Institute envisaged a presence in Poland, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. However, after less than a year of operation, we are in many respects much further along than anticipated. We are also already receiving a lot of enquiries from Specialists and Clubs outside the originally defined group of countries. For this reason, we are accelerating our expansion plans. In other words, we are opening up to the whole of Europe. Of course, we will not be in a hurry, but continue – as is typical for us – to base our expansion on reason and logical prioritisation of the football markets. The decision presented also determines the next step. We are changing the official language of our communication channels to English. Instead, we are conducting our content activities in three languages: Polish, German and English.

~ Marcin Gabor
CEO, author of the FDI concept

In the next few months, FDI will be reporting on new projects or the next stages of projects already underway. We hope that you will support us.