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We are delighted to inform about another important day in the history of our Institute. We are officially announcing the inauguration of a a European educational event series called the Football Club Management Conference. The first edition has the motto “Club Development Model” and will take place in Wrocław (19-20.06). It is worth reading the information in this text, visiting the event panel and subscribing to communication channels about the FCM Conference.

Football Club Management Conference is an international educational event series, dealing with aspects of management and development of professional football Clubs. We address absolutely crucial topic, because the Club is the most important stakeholder in the world of football, most strongly influencing the level of the whole sport. Each FCM Conference has a main theme. The upcoming event (19-20.06, Tarczyński Arena Wrocław) has been given the motto “Club Development Model”. Elaborating a complex development model is a prerequisite for professional management of the Club, as well as making controlled progress. The transformation of the Club should begin with this step. And the quality of the transformation also depends on this step.
FCM Conference has an unconventional character and a number of substantive distinctions that distinguish our conference from events with similar themes. The original concept for the management and development of the football Club, as well as the idea of implementing it into the context of the conference, create the “FCM Conference Identity”.
The analysis of the substantive distinctions of the FCM Conference series, with an accent on the “Club Development Model” edition, can be found in this article.

I have worked for a long time on the concept of the “Education System of the FDI”. And today I can state unequivocally that the Football Development Institute has a very comprehensive, based on its own foundations and coherent educational complex in football. Within the framework of the aforementioned system, I have also developed a project of conferences. And today we are proud to announce the launch of the Football Club Management Conference series. We focus on eminently content-based conferences with their own identity. How do I understand this concept? The “FCM Conference Identity” encompasses the key foundation in the form of the “Club Development Model of FDI” and the idea of implementing it into the conference formula: on the basis of the organisational plan, the content-related concept, as well as the positioning in the FDI project structure. Our conference actually educates. According to a consistent thought.

~ Marcin Gabor
CEO of Football Development Institute, author of the FCM Conference concept

Football Club Management Conference is characterised by its complementary nature. In addition to the most important aspect of the event, namely the transfer of knowledge on the main stage and other content-based services, there will be the FDI Expert Hub. We are talking about a trade fair where exhibitors will be European Clubs and the entities that support their development. Furthermore, we have prepared a format of bilateral meetingsbetween Clubs, as well as Clubs with external entities: to discuss cooperative projects. Club representatives will also be given the opportunity to arrange consultations with the FDI and to attend a business dinner.

We will open up the opportunity for all Participants to exchange experiences and make interesting contacts.

The content of the lectures, presentations and workshops will be delivered in two languages: English and Polish.

Our event is addressed to several groups of Participants:

  • Club representative
  • Representative of federation (association)
  • Representative of league organisation
  • expert
  • educator
  • university professor | sports management
  • student | sport management majors
  • football player
  • football agent
  • journalist
  • interested in Club management


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