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Substantive distinctions of the FCM Conference


Football Club Management Conference (link) has a non-standard, even unconventional character, based ona number of substantive distinctions. After studying this text, it will definitely become easier to understand why the Football Development Institute brings conferences in football to a completely different level.

I define “substantive distinctions” as a set of – typical of a concept, project, event or institution – structures, matter aspects and content. What distinctions characterise the FCM Conference?



part of the “Education System of FDI”

FCM Conference is part of the “Education System of FDI”: both a selective and a complex form (read more here). This fact means that, for some Participants, the Conference is a continuation of the acquisition of knowledge under the auspices of the FDI, and for other Participants, it can become the beginning of active participation in our educational structure.


content-related foundations

Organising a conference within the educational system is only possible if the educational institution has its own content-related foundations. Only then each event may be based on the same conceptual background and the conveyed content may be unified. Football Development Institute is the only European entity that can boast its own “Football Identity” and its own “Club Development Model” in such detail.

How do we understand the concepts mentioned?


📌 “Football Identity of FDI”

This is the wholeness of considerations, convictions as well as visions in 25 main substantive segments of football, extended by specific definitions, concepts, models, methodology, processes and mechanisms.

Thanks to our own identity, we can compare every fact, every issue and every aspect with our own football intellectual basis, which enables precise answers, concrete opinions and in-depth evaluations. Moreover, “Football Identity of FDI” guarantees a stable football intellectual project principle.


📌“Club Development Model of FDI”

It is about a complex, detailed, in-depth as well as complementary concept of managing and developing a football Club, which has the structure, conceptions, content models, processes and mechanisms within the framework of the ten “Club Development Areas of FDI”. “Club Development Model of FDI” is equipped with concrete, complex and detailed formulated contents.

“Club Development Model of FDI” lets us on the one hand verify visions, concepts, solutions, methodology, processes, mechanisms, control measures and development stages, and on the other hand implement many elements of the model we have worked out or use them as a basis for the elaboration of substantive content by the supported Club.


With our own foundations, the conference has a substantive guiding principle: “FCM Conference Identity”. Behind this term stands a precisely elaborated FDI concept for the management and development of professional Clubs, together with the specific plan for implementation within the conference framework. On this basis, we have created a number of content-related and organisational pillars, structured a consistent agenda for the event, and the content presented will create a coherent picture of Club activities according to the FDI idea.


▶ topics based on “Club Development Areas of FDI”

Basing the FCM Conference on the FDI concept in the context of Club management and development also implies elaborating a conference programme derived from the “Club Development Areas of FDI”. These areas are an integral part of the “Club Development Model of FDI”. We are talking about 10 thematic segments. During the conference we present the use of all areas in the process of symmetrical management, as well as the creation of development synergies.


▶ multi-year scenario of conference series

We have announced the FCM Conference as a series of events. “FDI event series” does not just mean – as is the case with other series – that the conference will be held regularly. We see a much deeper sense in this status. I have created a multi-year conference scenario to guide through the process of management and development of the Club in a complementary (areas) as well as progressive (stages) way. Based, of course, on the FDI concept.


▶ main theme of single conferences

Each edition of the FCM Conference has a main theme. It defines an area or stage of the process. The premiere edition was given the motto “Club Development Model”, combining both the criterion of area and stage.

I consider the elaboration of a complex model serving the management and development of the Club as a prerequisite for strategic planning, managing the football organisation in a structured mode, conducting coherent operations, acting calculably, making systematic progress and controlling development (conceptual area). It is from this step that positive transformation in football Clubs should begin (initial stage). And on this step also depends the quality of the transformation.


▶ consistent narrative

For a multi-year educational scenario, well-chosen main themes for individual events are needed, as well as a logically structured agenda for each FCM Conference. The conference narrative is a consistent story of Club management and development (within a specific main theme), consisting of the following elements:


  • the selection of topics in relation to the “Club Development Areas of FDI”
  • definition of the correlation between the selected substantive topics
  • the arrangement of the chronology of the topics, corresponding to the proper operation in a real Club
  • creation of a narrative description, reflecting the coherent message of the conference


The conference narrative simulates the process of Club operations according to the FDI concept.


▶ unified presentations by Experts

Implementing a coherent conference narrative on the foundations of the FDI requires the unification of the Experts’ presentations. And this is an extremely complicated procedure. In line with the FCM Conference principle, all lectures and presentations derive from the “Football Identity of FDI and the “Club Development Model of FDI”, which form the content basis. They are absolutely overriding factors. We compare the foundations of the FDI to the game organisation, that is, the team tactics. According to the FDI convictions, this is the most important, overriding aspect of working with a team and a prerequisite for reaching a high level. The knowledge and competences of the Speakers are individual skills applied to the implementation of the game organisation (team tactics).

Therefore, the selection of the suitable Experts (profile) is crucial, as is the appropriate preparation of each presentation. Our conferences do not feature random people on stage, nor can you find yourself on the conference staff by recommendation or by commercial path. I have personally observed (scouted) each of the Speakers for many years and at some point invited them to become “Expert of FDI”. In addition, prior to the conference, I spend a lot of time in team content meetings and individually working out specific content, references to FDI foundations, and elements that link the individual presentations.


▶ presentation of specific definitions, concepts, models

We are total opponents of speaking in generalities. We do not sell – as is the case in today’s world – chaotic platitudes for “valuable impulses and high-value inspiration in a creative environment”.

The immense strength of the Football Development Institute is its original football intellectual foundation and the resulting content derivatives of a comprehensive, detailed and in-depth nature. Therefore, we will be presenting our own definitions, concepts and models within the “Club Development Model of FDI” at the FCM Conference. This is the only way to teach something. And only in this way can you keep some knowledge for yourself.


▶ innovative participation format

By definition, the FCM Conference is characterised by its innovative format, as I wrote in detail above. However, we have also prepared a number of non-standard solutions with regard to the participation formula. Persons attending the event will be able to complete a project task, and the best evaluated work will be awarded. In addition, there will be a workshop format on the second day, during which selected Participants will be on stage in the presence of FDI Experts. There will also be interactive opportunities to give your feedback, as well as a choice of different conference options.


▶ part of the “Club Development System of FDI”

At the beginning of this article, I explained what it means that the FCM Conference belongs to the “Education System of FDI”. I will tie the whole text together with a kind of buckle, because the Football Club Management Conference is also part of the “Club Development System of FDI”. Firstly: by educating Specialists, we influence the development of Clubs in an indirect way. Secondly, every Club participating in our Conference is given the opportunity to arrange an individual consultation with the FDI. Discussions held at that time can bring the Club closer to support from us. And FDI support is already a direct participation of the Club in our development system.