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Press Office

If you are looking for information about the Football Development Institute, our activities, education, development and research programs or ongoing projects, we welcome you to contact us directly.

We create the content of press releases and help to create content-related articles.

Details of the person responsible for external communication can be found below.


Additionally we mediate contact with FDI experts for a content-related statement or interview. We focus on the following subject areas:

  • football in Poland
  • work & education of Specialists (Board Member | Sports Director | Head Coach | Analyst | Scout | others)
  • football in Germany
  • management & development of Clubs
  • football in Europe
  • development of teams & players
  • "Football Identity"
  • development of youth players
  • definition of football
  • analysis & scouting in football
  • football problems
  • communication & marketing in football
  • football trends
  • finance in football
  • football understanding | game understanding
  • law in football
  • football content areas
  • technology in football
  • role & interpretation of tactics
  • psychology in football
  • development processes in football
  • compliance & integrity in football
  • on-pitch solutions
  • science in football
  • complex football concept
  • stakeholders in football

In case of regular interest in the Football Development Institute, we also offer a media newsletter: sent out once a month.

To get on the mailing list, send us a message with the following information:

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Newsletter medialny

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Mikołaj Zych

Operations Manager