Football Development Institute


Football Development Institute leaves nothing to coincidence. We build a Regular and Expert Team in a conceptual, structured and precise way.

Team planning is based on the following foundations:

  • Institute Profile
  • "Football Identity of FDI"
  • strategy of FDI
  • Position Profile
  • Specialist Profile
  • first of all, scouting of Candidates, secondly, professional multi-stage recruitment process
  • analysis of the Candidate's match level with the Institute Profile, "Football Identity of FDI", strategy of FDI, Position Profile and Specialist Profile

FDI as an employer

Our multi-stage recruitment processes provide space for those persons who respond in the required manner to the published job offer or receive an invitation after submitting an initiative application.

One of the components of the Institute’s Profile is the characteristics of FDI as an employer. Before you apply to join the Football Development Institute, be sure to read the following information.

  • character, professionalism, potential, not experience is what matters
  • demanding towards Employees
  • first the person, then the team, finally the Employee
  • necessity to work out own position
  • unconditional requirement to identify with the Institute Profile and the "Football Identity of FDI"
  • high loyalty to the Employee
  • individual development path of the Employee
  • opportunity to advance in the hierarchy
  • numerous non-material benefits
  • progressive wage increases

Currently we have vacancies for the following positions:

Each application must contain information and documents, and take the form, prescribed in the specific announcement. An application that does not meet the formal or content requirements will be immediately rejected.
Without feedback.

Are you interested in working with the Football Development Institute, but haven’t found an offer that matches your competencies and preferences? If so, you have the opportunity to submit an initiative application.

While we do not guarantee employment, we will certainly respond to any application. We will also give specific feedback.
In one of three forms:
  • invitation for an applicant to one of the recruitment processes
  • we are keeping the application for the future
  • we are not interested in the submitted application