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We see the development of the Clubs in a multi-faceted framework

The long-term Clubs’ development is one of the strategic priorities of the Football Development Institute. First, we lay the ground for a change in awareness among board members, heads of departments and Specialists at the Clubs. Second, we create one of the four key segments of the “Complementary plan” on the basis the Football Development Institute intends to affect the “Football Level Identification Indicators” – and therefore, raise the level of this sport. Third, we enable the development of Clubs based on a non-standard football understanding, the “Football Identity of FDI”. Fourth, we give support with the original “Club Development Model of FDI”.

Our aim is to transform cooperating Clubs into football organizations of a new format: based on a precise concept, with typical characteristics, based on sporting convictions, superbly organised, strategically managed, consistent, independent and profitable.

Support of Clubs | Europe


The concept of multi-level support of Clubs is being implemented throughout Europe.

All services are offered by FDI in three languages: English, German and Polish.

Club Development System | four pillars

  • Advisory

  • Content-related audit

  • Development projects

  • “Complex Club Development” programme

The sequence of the presented pillars and the separation of one element carry a specific message. The order of the first three points reflects the possible gradation of cooperation –
from advisory services, through auditing, to the implementation of specific development projects. The preferred order, however, may be quite different, or each of the discussed forms
of support may be applied without the other two pillars. We work with Clubs on an entirely individual basis.

The “Complex Club Development” programme includes the creation of an “Individual Club Development Plan”, the definition of a characteristic “Club Identity”, and the design of a detailed “Club Development Model”. The overall programme includes Advisory, Content-related audit and Development projects.

Club Development Areas

FDI handles advisory, auditing, development planning and transformation in the following ten development areas.

  • Club Management

  • Football Intellectual Foundations

  • Football & Management

  • Communication & Marketing

  • Finances

  • Legal & Licensing

  • Technology

  • Infrastructure

  • Psychology

  • Compliance & Integrity

Methodological measures

  • “Practical Theory”

  • consulting

  • club documentation analysis

  • content foundations analysis

  • work analysis

  • documentation preparation

  • presentations

  • seminars

  • workshops

  • progress verification

  • feedback

  • practical takeover of activities



Advisory | Document

Advisory assistance is a separate form of cooperation or integral part of the “Complex Club Development” programme.

In the case of single advisory support, the specific aspects submitted for consultation are determined. The possible content range of consulting is reflected in the ten “Club Development Areas”, which contain a catalog of specific issues (the full register is presented later in the folder).

We distinguish different advisory formats: consultations, workshops and training. Each format allows Club representatives to outline the situation and communicate their own point of view. The FDI analyzes the information presented, forms opinions, provides guidelines, leads workshop exercises and suggests solutions in relation to the issue at hand.

As part of the implementation of the “Complex Club Development” program, advisory topics are suggested on a priority basis by the Football Development Institute and completed with needs from the Club. The topics suggested by the FDI result from observations and analyses made during the course of cooperation.

Content-related audit

Content-related audit | Document

Carrying out a Content-related audit by the Football Development Institute is done as a separate form of cooperation, or the verification activities form one component of the “Complex Club Development” programme.

The documentation of the performed audit shows an absolute picture of the current stage, allowing you to get to know in-depth conclusions about the positive and negative aspects in the functioning of the Club, a particular “Club Development Area” or a specific issue. All the contents concluding the actual state are the result of assumptions from the “Football Identity of FDI” and the “Club Development Model of FDI”.

Requesting a single Content-related audit, select the appropriate level of verification.

  • Complex audit

    The analysis includes the Club’s overall performance in ten “Development Areas”.

  • Audit of “Club Development Area”

    FDI examines one selected from the ten “Development Areas” considered.

  • Audit of specific topics

    In-depth inspection of up to two preferred specific topics, listed in the attached folder.


Carrying out an evaluation of the current state of the football Club in the context of “Complex Club Development” is always given the status of “Complex Audit”.

Development projects

Development projects | Document

Football Development Institute – through Development projects – directly influences the development of the Club in specific segments. Support in this context can take the form of one-time, recurring or become an important pillar of the “Complex Club Development” programme.

Under the term “Development projects” there is a register of almost 150 detailed content topics with a major impact on the functioning, quality of operations, as well as the evolution of the Club. The set of projects follows directly from the concept of ten “Club Development Areas” as defined by the FDI. All concepts, models and solutions, for the implementation of individual Development projects, are based on the foundation in the form of the “Football Identity of FDI” and the “Club Development Model of FDI”.

A maximum of two projects can be selected when applying for support (listed in the attached folder).

With each Development project selected, the Club specifies the nature of Football Development Institute support:

  • initial preparation

    Includes preparation of project documentation and delivery of an initial seminar.

  • project implementation

    Preparation of project documentation, as well as an initial seminar, is extended to professional implementation of the project.

  • full realization of the project

    Complete cooperation within Development projects. The process begins with preparation of documentation and organization of initial seminar. As a next step, FDI implements structural principles, runs a series of content-related workshops to supervise and verify the entire project for a set period. In addition, the Institute can also temporary take over specific ongoing activities. The complementary interaction brings the project to a higher and higher level.


Complex Club Development | programme

“Complex Club Development” programme | Folder

The highest degree of cooperation, the greatest power of the Football Development Institute’s simultaneous influence on the cooperating football Club. It is also the best way for the Club to achieve full-scale development based on the “Football Identity of FDI” and the “Club Development Model of FDI”. In the course of a long-term process, we transform the Club we support into a football organization of a new format.

Complex influence of FDI determines to professionalize the Club at various levels, establishes new standards, and transforms in many areas. Here is the list of transformed complexes:

  • intellectual area | football-related
  • concept
  • strategy
  • structure and organization
  • football concept
  • management
  • communication | marketing
  • finances
  • technology
  • psychology
  • legal


The Complex Club Development programme takes into account:

  • developing an “Individual Club Development Plan”

  • defining a specific “Club Identity”

  • designing a detailed “Club Development Model”

  • providing long-term support for the management and development of the Club


Three pillars of the “Complex Club Development” programme

  • Advisory

    Advisory support is given at every stage of cooperation.

  • Content-related audit

    The content-related study covers the overall performance of the football Club in ten “Club Development Areas” – at the beginning of the cooperation and at the end of the programme.

  • Development projects

    FDI has defined specific content topics that directly affect the way and level of the football Club’s operations, as well as its development. All projects, coming from the concept of ten “Club Development Areas,” are listed below. The principles of the “Complex Club Development” programme require that the status of “full realization of the project” be applied to each content topics.

Advantages of Complex Development

There are many advantages of holistic FDI support. Complementarity of the “Complex Club Development” programme generates a number of benefits. Here are the most important ones:

  • basing the programme on a complex and high-quality “Club Development Model of FDI”

  • preceding design activities with a complex Audit, which results in an excellent understanding of the Club’s realities

  • setting an “Individual Club Development Plan” as a roadmap for future activities

  • defining the “Club Identity” as a stable foundation for long-term development

  • designing a complex, detailed, in-depth and complementary “Club Development Model”, including precise structure, models and processes, and filled with specific content-related topics

  • complex and long-term implementation of “Development projects”

  • high number of ongoing Development projects allows to reform the Club on a large scale

  • wide project context enables development synergies

  • transformation of content structures from different “Club development Areas”, resulting in the creation of interdisciplinary development mechanisms

  • “internal” nature of FDI support

  • education of managers (Board Members | department heads) and other Specialists

  • current advisory support


Due to the enormous difficulty of the project, as well as attention to the high quality of the support provided, we work with a maximum of two Clubs at a time in this stage of complexity.