Football Development Institute


We publish articles addressing the single content components within the “Football Identity of FDI”, the “Club Development Model of FDI” and the “Football Level Identification Indicators”. In addition, we explain the complex mechanisms and synergy effects occurring in the mentioned structures.


Substantive distinctions of the FCM Conference

Football Club Management Conference is a series of international conferences in football, dealing with the management and development of professional football clubs. FCM Conference has an unconventional character and a number of substantive attributes that distinguish this event from others with similar themes. Marcin Gabor analyses the set of substantive distinctions.

Referees are always blamed

Marcin Gabor addressed the issue of groundless negative criticism of referees, formulated by executives of Clubs, coaches and football players. The analysis demonstrates the complexity of the topic, proving at the same time that attitudes towards referees are the result of a football misunderstanding and a game misunderstanding, as well as a reflexive tendency to cover up one's own incompetence.