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Analysis & Research

Analysis & Research | concept

The strategic concept of FDI is called the “Complementary Plan” and is based on four segments. One component in the long-term plan of FDI includes activity in the areas of analysis and research. For this reason, our Institute has its own “Analysis & Research” department, which performs an important supporting function for a number of content-related projects. In addition, part of the Institute is the FDI Analytics Lab brand, built on the foundation of the “Complex Analysis Model”.

Analysis & Research | goals

  • providing evidence for the substantive beliefs of the FDI, and further confirming the ubiquitous misconception of football

    The arguments collected are used by the Football Development Institute – to support its own theses – as part of ongoing external communications and publications, during webinars, conferences, in-person courses or online courses, as well as while working with clubs, so that there is a strengthened effect of the conceptual and content message.

  • performing analyses for European Clubs under a different analytical interpretation | ” Complex Analysis Model”

    Collaboration with Clubs in this regard is expected to lead to a consistent change in football understanding, game understanding, as well as a change in the perception of team and player development issues.


On the backdrop of the above goals and related activities, we get the opportunity to factually expose trends and stereotypes in “modern football”, prove our correct football understanding and game understanding, apply the contrastive explanation method for “Football Identity of FDI” with all conceptual aspects. All this is expected to lead to the building proper awareness, correct football understanding, popularizing new content canons, creating correct standards, and the development of progress in many fields. In other words: the collected facts help us to educate Specialists and develop Clubs.

Analysis & Research | main spheres of operation

  • multidirectional databases

  • research tasks

  • research projects

  • data for publications and appearances

  • analytical collaboration with external stakeholders

  • FDI Analytics Lab operations

"Complex Analysis Model"

“Complex Analysis Model” | Document

All analytical and research activities are carried out on the basis of the ” Complex Analysis Model” designed by Marcin Gabor. The referred model is a detailed, in-depth and complementary concept of analysis in many content areas, including an extensive structure, internal models and relevant processes. The foundation of the entire concept is the “Football Identity of FDI”. For each content area covered by the ” Complex Analysis Model”, projects and derivative products have been created. For example, in the area of “Analysis of the game & development of the team and players” these are products (solutions) for Clubs of an analytical and scouting nature.


Model structure | FDI analytical system:

  • “Football Identity” | football understanding | game understanding

  • Analytical areas

  • Analytical intentions

  • Analytical segments

  • Analytical basis

  • Analytical methodology

  • Analytical solutions

"Analysis & Research" | Team

  • Analyst training system

    Football Development Institute has developed an internal Analyst training system, consisting of multi-level preparation on the theoretical and practical levels in relation to the “Complex Analysis Model” and analytical products within the FDI Analytics Lab. The training process includes various methodological elements: introduction meetings, theoretical presentations, text materials, video content, practical group work, practical individual work, knowledge and competence tests. The training system has a progressive structure, enabling the gradual improvement of the Analyst’s knowledge and competence.

  • Analysis team

    FDI has one of the largest analyst-research teams in Europe. Currently it has more than 100 people, and prospectively it is planned to even double this group. The team has been divided into competence specializations.

"Analysis & Research" | Coordinators

  • Mikołaj Zych

  • Robert Złotnik

  • Anna Gabor