Football Development Institute


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Main goal: Raising the level of football in Europe

Football Development Institute has defined 25 content complexes, containing about 200 detailed aspects. We call them “Football Level Identification Indicators”. Regular review makes it possible to formulate a detailed verdict on the present situation: recognize progress, stagnation or degradation.

Register of content complexes:

definition of football
"Football Identity"
awareness of the current football state
football problems
football trends
football understanding
football content areas
game understanding
role and interpretation of tactics
understanding of development processes in football
on-pitch solutions
football concept
work of Specialists
education of Specialists
management and development of Clubs
development of teams and players
communication in football
marketing in football
finances in football
law in football
technology in football
infrastructure in football
psychology in football
stakeholders in football
mass character of football

The realization of the main goal was divided into several phases and calculated over a dozen years of operations

Raising the level of football in Europe is possible based on a complex and complementary impact on the “Football Level Identification Indicators”. In addition to the function of verification coefficients, they also serve as impact factors. The directions and manner of impact are reflected in the specific objectives of the Institute.

  • Forming correct football awareness
    exposing trends and stereotypes in "modern football"
    presenting the correct football understanding and game understanding, as well as precisely explaining the "Football Identity of FDI"
    promoting an individual "Football Identity"
  • Popularization of content canons
    football as a really team-based game
    tactics/team tactics as the most important aspect of football
    Game (Playing) Model as a center of thinking, concepts and operations
  • Creating correct standards
    "Football Identity of FDI" as a starting point
    building the value of independent thinking | sharp criticism of copying trends
    complex approach to football
  • Conducting content communication
    a coherent communications strategy derived from the "Football Identity of FDI"
    strategic communication through own channels, publications (articles | books | research projects), expert appearances, media statements
    clarifying logical fallacies and the fragmentary nature of football trends, presenting and consolidating the principals behind the "Football Identity of FDI", providing arguments supporting the validity of the formulated concepts
  • Redefining the Specialists' roles
    evaluation of 15 Specialist roles
    own defining the roles of Specialists | initial definition, position in the structure of the Club, operational areas, content scope, specialized topics, decisiveness, needed competencies
    establishing the definition of FDI as a new European standard
  • Evolving the content level of Specialists
    content innovative and certified courses (one-year, two-year) for 15 Specialist roles, based on the "Football Identity of FDI" and the "Club Development Model of FDI" | for Graduates, access to advisory and mentoring support
    additionally webinars, conferences, online courses
    complete educational programs and the process of creating an individual "Football Identity"
  • Improving the quality of Clubs' performance
    advisory support, professional content-related audits, implementation of individual development projects, "Complex Club Development" program | all on the foundation of the "Football Identity of FDI" and "Club Development Model of FDI"
    the process of developing an individual "Club Identity" and an individual "Club Development Model"
    Club development in the following areas: Club Management | Football Intellectual Foundations | Football & Management | Communication & Marketing | Finances | Legal & Licensing | Technology | Infrastructure | Psychology | Compliance & Integrity
  • Providing human resources consulting
    database of Specialists (Graduates) with profiles | people educated by FDI
    natural regulation of staff demand in Clubs
    FDI as a recommender of suitable Candidates
  • Using the potential of analysis and research
    internal department "Analysis & Research" | collecting information and data, conducting research projects, providing analysis
    a validity evidence for the substantive beliefs of the FDI, as well as confirming the ubiquitous misconception of football | an enhanced effect of the conceptual message
    FDI analysis brand | ELITE level
  • Achieving the status of European Competence Center
    original football knowledge in one place
    an alternative for persons with wider horizons
    possibility of influencing the indoctrinated environment | real impact on the mass perception of football

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