Football Development Institute
Club Development

Profits for Clubs

Entering into a collaboration with the Football Development Institute has very high potential. Here we summarize the key profits from the Clubs’ perspective.

Content-related profits

  • “Football Identity of FDI”

    We are ruthless opponents of stereotypes, trends, copying solutions. All Football Development Institute projects come up from the characteristic individual “Football Identity of FDI”, and this means that we apply an interpretation of football that is not seen anywhere else, as well as our own content concepts. In this way, Cooperating Clubs gain a completely different perspective of thinking, work and its evaluation.

  • We advise you from the very first moment

    Every cooperation is based on decisions. They should be made consciously, which is why we advise from the first contact. Our initial counseling concerns clarification of the principles and potential range of cooperation, presentation of the advantages of cooperation in the perspective of a specific Club, detailed selection of areas of development, the date of the launch and the optimal period of cooperation.

  • Basic forms of support

    There are various setups of cooperation between the Club and the Football Development Institute. At the first moment, however, it is worth noting Advisory and Content-Related Audit. Advisory on the part of the FDI allows representatives of the football organization gain a new content perspective, clarify doubts, verify their own way of thinking and gain expertise. Content-Related Audit – understood as an evaluation of the current state and the formation of a diagnosis – is a necessary condition for multifaceted and long-term development of the Club.

  • “Club Identity”

    The majority of Clubs in Europe do not have a precisely defined characteristic (Club Profile), which results in chaotic actions, as well as a lack of opportunities for complex and systematic development. Finding one’s profile – combined with permanent implementation and consistent following of the established principles – opens up new prospects for the football organization. FDI significantly helps Clubs in this aspect, guiding them through the process of developing an individual “Club Identity”.

  • Gradual transformation of the Club

    Systematic cooperation with the Football Development Institute – depending on the Club’s preferences – can take one of two modes: phased or continuous. When the first mode is chosen, the support also has a long-term character, but the individual stages are implemented at specific intervals. The individually arranged plan of cooperation includes in each systematic configuration the use of the potential of Advisory, the use of an instrument in the form of Content-Related Audit, as well as the implementation of Development Projects. Our long-term support leads to a change in the thinking of board members, head of departments and specialists in the context of football understanding as well as the understanding of the Club’s evolution. FDI’s multifaceted action is gradually transforming our Partner into a football organization of a new format.

  • “Complex Club Development”

    The highest level of cooperation and the best way to comprehensively development the Club on the basis of “Football Identity of FDI” and “Club Development Model of FDI”. The “Complex Club Development” program includes the development of an “Individual Club Development Plan”, the definition of a distinctive “Club Identity”, and the design of a detailed “Club Development Model”. The overall program includes Advisory, Content-Related Audit and Development Projects. Consistent implementation of the program results in raising the level of functioning of the football organization in ten areas of development: Club Management | Football Intellectual Foundations | Football & Management | Communication & Marketing | Finances | Legal & Licensing | Technology | Infrastructure | Psychology | Compliance & Integrity. The activities undertaken by the Football Development Institute are distinguished by the conceptual, content-related, structural-organizational and operational integration of all divisions of the Sports Department, the set of sports projects and the sports concept with other departments of the Club. In this way, we create development synergies, as well as interdisciplinary development mechanisms. During the long-term process, we are transforming our Partner into a football Club of a new format.

  • Hierarchy of club development

    Temporary above-average sports results are unequivocally counter-productive, since they have no basis built by the Club, but result from fortunate coincidences. The resulting illusion covers up the actually low state of the football organization, which blocks self-reflection, development, sports stability and the achievement of targets. The favorable coincidence soon ends and a void is left. The conceptual introduction of the quality of the team’s (and by extension, the players’) play to a high level and the long-term sustainment of this standard take place only through the Club’s multi-area development, for the football game is the end result of multi-track work. “Multi-area development of the Club” is a very broad concept. And difficult to implement. Own identity, football concept, strategic planning, structural action, consistency of actions, predictable proceedings, systematic progress, control over events – the mentioned aspects are an unreachable luxury for numerous European Clubs. It is worth thinking about gaining a competitive edge. And the comfort of your own work.

  • Professional education of board members

    Football clubs should be managed by people with the qualifications to hold such responsible positions. Failure to meet this condition leads to underdevelopment and destabilization of many areas of the Club, in addition to degradation of its potential. Therefore, we offer courses and individual educational processes for Board Members. We have prepared two scenarios. With simultaneous cooperation with the Club: due to higher awareness of management, development is recognized and cultivated. As the only form of cooperation: Board Members, educated by FDI, bring the acquired awareness and knowledge to their Clubs.

  • Specialists Recruitment

    Clubs often live in the illusory belief that the choice of class Specialists on the market is wide, and that is not a difficult task to acquire professionals who fit the criteria they are looking for. A classic thinking error, because in order to determine the Position Profile, the Specialist Profile, to select Candidates, to carry out the appropriate recruitment process and to select the right person, one must have the relevant competence. Working with the Football Development Institute, you can count on our expertise in the range in question, in addition to recommending Candidates from the database of Alumni (“FDI Prospect”). These are not only specific names, but also precisely prepared profiles. Finally, it is still necessary to obtain the willingness of the Specialist to accept the offer – the higher the merit of the Club, the more realistic the task becomes. Development in cooperation with FDI helps tremendously.

  • Certification

    All Partner Clubs receive relevant certificates, attesting to their willingness to be open to professional development. While it is the next steps in the progress of a Partner Club that matters most to the Football Development Institute, the awarding of a certificate allows a football organization to build an additional image and marketing narrative.

  • The FDI Club Family

    Despite the natural competition, we have established a kind of family of Clubs certified by the Football Development Institute. We have developed various advantages of belonging to this group. These range from participation in an experience exchange platform, to a closed system of knowledge transfer, to establishing cooperation between interested Clubs, to joint research projects.