Football Development Institute

Research projects

We publish summaries of the conducted Research projects, where we examine the content elements within the “Football Identity of FDI” and the “Club Development Model of FDI”, as well as the topic of “Football Level Identification Indicators”.

Research projects are one of the main operational spheres in the “Analysis & Research” department. With precise in-house studies, we have the ability to factually expose trends and stereotypes in “modern football”, prove the football misunderstanding and the mistreatment of many content areas, as well as apply the contrastive method for explaining the “Football Identity of FDI” with all its conceptual aspects.


The role of the Sports Director in European football

The next research project is already lined up for its launch. This time we will look at the role of the Sports Director.

The state of the specialised education in the world of football

In 2023, we launched our first ever research project, led by the Football Development Institute. The premiere project addresses education in the area of football. We will present a summary of the study by the end of 2024.