Football Development Institute

Educational path

The choice of educational path takes on the dimension of a fundamental decision, projecting the Specialist’s development scenario, professional future and own satisfaction.

Football Development Institute offers fifteen development standards (educational paths), corresponding to the fifteen roles of Specialists considered.

Set of educational paths

  • Board Member

  • Sports Director

  • Head Coach

  • Assistant Coach

  • Fitness Coach

  • Goalkeeper Coach

  • Analyst

  • Scout

  • Sports Psychologist | Mental Coach

  • Head of the Academy | Youth Development Coordinator

  • Nutrition Specialist

  • Communications Specialist

  • Marketing Specialist

  • Football Agent

  • Football Journalist

Rules for choosing an educational path

  • Specifying the direction

    When you declare your intention to work with the Football Development Institute, even before applying for any course, please contact our office and inform us of the choice for two educational paths:

    • main path
    • alternative path


    The exceptions are those persons who do not have any professional history in one of the fifteen specialized roles considered by the FDI. We are talking about former or current professional football players, as well as contenders for entry into the world of professional football. The listed candidates can specify their educational paths no later than before the end of the first specialized course with their participation.


  • Responsibility for selection

    We promote human responsibility, therefore we do not allow speculation. We allow a change in educational path at the earliest two years from the time of entry in the registry or notification of the latest revision.

Consequences of choosing an educational path

  • Content correlation

    The decision on the educational path influences many content-related, structural and organizational aspects. We present the correlation of the two paths (main, alternative) with the “Education System of FDI”.

    Areas affected by the educational path:

    • specialized courses available
    • chance to participate in an available specialized course
    • Individual Specialist Development Plan
    • type of educational materials provided
    • subject of designated project tasks
    • range of advisory topics
    • nature of available “Educational internships”
    • content of Mentoring programs
    • portfolio of Experts/Mentors
    • selection of recommended external courses
    • way of promoting the profile | through FDI channels
    • recommending to Clubs in a specific Specialist role