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Analytical outsourcing

Among the several primary operational spheres of the “Analysis & Research” department there is analytical cooperation with external entities. We call this type of cooperation “Analytical outsourcing”, because we make available to Partners our knowledge, technological infrastructure, as well as the work of Analysts and Researchers. We cooperate with football entities of different nature, while FDI support itself can take various forms.

Analytical outsourcing | Partners

  • clubs

  • analysis service providers

  • scouting service providers

  • tech brands

  • federations

  • local football associations

  • competition organizing institutions

  • universities

  • media

  • football management agencies

Analytical outsourcing | forms of cooperation

  • data collection

  • performing tactical analysis (team and individual) | Partner’s methodology

  • performing scouting analysis | Partner’s methodology

  • validation and adjustment of positional data | tracking

  • individual analytical projects

Analytical outsourcing | Consulting

Analytical consulting | Document

Analysis service providers also have the opportunity to apply for consulting, led by Marcin Gabor. The author of the “Complex Analysis Model” has cutting-edge knowledge in the field of analytics, as well as extensive experience in this area. For five years, he served as Head of (a German analysis brand), created the concept of contextual analysis, in addition a series of professional products and analysis solutions for team as well as individual actions. Used today in about 150 European Clubs and several federations.

Since then, Marcin Gabor has been receiving requests from analytical companies for substantive advice. The reasons are many. First and foremost, a high-level – completely different from the conventional – football understanding and game understanding, as well as team and player development understanding that transfers into interpretation and exploration, meaning analytical understanding. Marcin Gabor is able to give analytical products a context that is usually lacking. According to the FDI expert, most analytics entities in the European market have great technology and mediocre analytics solutions. However, the advantage is built on content, not technology.


Forms of analytical consulting:

  • evaluation of the current database | context

  • criteria of data collection

  • defining of new KPIs based on the current database

  • support in the development of new products

  • implementation of the analysis tool at a football club

Our experience

We are proud to have a long history of cooperation with third parties on the analytical outsourcing level. Here is a numerical summary:

  • 5x federations

  • 150x european clubs

  • 2x analysis service providers

  • 25 thousand analyses

  • 100 thousand hours of analysis work

  • 5,5 million video clips marked

  • 33 million tactical criteria marked

Quantitative development of the team

  • 2017-2018

    12 Analysts

  • 2019-2020

    25 Analysts

  • 2021

    35 Analysts

  • 2022

    50 Analysts

  • 2023

    100 Analysts

  • 2024

    190 Analysts

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