Football Development Institute

Interns & Trainees

Football Development Institute effectively connects European Clubs with Specialists in a variety of roles, helping to organise internships and traineeships.

Are you looking for an Intern or Trainee for a longer period to increase capacity? Or do you intend to find interesting personalities among the rotating Interns? Perhaps you simply want to enable interested people to learn for a week or two at your Club?

In any such case, we can recommend Candidates from our pool or recruit persons well suited to the criteria indicated.

We cooperate on this field with Clubs from many European countries. To mention just a few, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, Italy, Belgium or Poland.

Internships & Traineeships

Our mission is to encourage Clubs to create internship and traineeship positions, support them in defining the characteristics of the project and then recommend high quality Candidates matching the preferred profile.

FDI helps European Clubs to recruit Interns and Trainees for different departments and divisions:

  • management

  • strategy

  • administration

  • HR

  • SPORTS (many Specialist roles)

  • Academy roles

  • communication

  • Club media

  • marketing

  • internationalisation

  • finance

  • sales

  • legal

  • compliance

  • IT


Each Club can define many parameters, influencing the nature and structure of the internship or traineeship, as well as the profile of Candidates sought.

The form is structured in such a way that the Club can determine:

  • internship/traineeship characteristics

  • Intern or Trainee profile

  • type of cooperation with FDI

Interns & Trainees

FDI is successively building a database of Interns and Trainees with their profiles who are potential Candidates for recommendation to the Clubs. In addition, we also conduct a targeted recruitment of Interns or Trainees based on the criteria indicated by the Clubs.

Goals for internships & traineeships

Organising internships or traineeships in Clubs can have different purposes. Each Club can implement its own internship strategy as part of the Club’s development concept.

We note the key objectives of integrating internships/traineeships:

  • increasing the capacity of different departments | improving the intensity of work

  • raising the effectiveness of project work

  • improving the ratio of salary expenditure to work effectiveness

  • long-term recruitment process

  • talent scouting

  • internal development path for potential new Employees according to the Club’s standards

  • education for interested persons | the Club’s mission

  • motivation for current Employees

  • employer branding

  • creation of Talent Academy (in cooperation with FDI)