Football Development Institute

Football Development Institute

The world of football requires a serious intellectual reform, leading to a change in perceptions, interpretations, solutions, mechanisms and attitudes within dozens of key football areas. The transformation process has been undertaken by the Football Development Institute – founded by Marcin Gabor. FDI operates on the foundation of our own “Football Identity”.

The Institute’s main goal is to raise the level of football. FDI has the ambition to take over the role of the European Competence Center.

The FDI strategy includes four key substantive directions, referred to as the “Complementary Plan”. We are talking about content-related communication, education of Specialists, development of Clubs, as well as the area of analysis & research.

Football Club Management Conference | access to the speeches

There is not just one type of football. Football behaves the way I understand it, the way I have decoded it for myself, and the way I model it.

Marcin Gabor
CEO, author of the FDI concept

How do we want to raise the level of football?

proper awareness

We expose the trends and stereotypes present in “modern football”, explain precisely our football understanding, additionally supporting Specialists and Clubs in developing individual “Football Identity”.

Implementation of
substantive canons

We present football as a really team-based sport, prove the status of “tactics/team tactics” as the most important aspect, and put the playing concept at the center of all activities and actions.

Realization of
educational programs

We organize content innovative and certified courses (one-year, two-year) for 15 Specialist roles in football, based on the “Football Identity of FDI” and the “Club Development Model of FDI”. For Graduates, access to advisory and mentoring support.

with Clubs

Also in this context, the “Football Identity of FDI”, as well as the “Club Development Model of FDI” are the basis. We advise, provide professional audits, implement development projects and a program called ” Complex Club Development.”

Current educational courses

Open recruitment

Football Club Management Conference | first edition

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video & content on demand
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Event date
permanently available
Scope of materials
12 speeches + content
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The conference concluded

Football Club Management Conference | Wrocław 2023

Event type
in-person conference
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Conference date
2 days
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Education Platform of FDI

Today we can officially announce that we have just launched the first project within the "Education platform of FDI". The premiere project is based on recordings of lectures from the first edition of the Football Club Management Conference, which took place on 19-20.06 in Wrocław.
Czytaj dalej
The first edition of the Football Club Management Conference is behind us
The premiere edition of the Football Club Management Conference, organized by the Football Development Institute, was held on 19-20.06. We are pleased to report the full success of our venture. FCM Conference is now a new event on the football map of Europe.
Football Club Management Conference
We officially announce the Football Club Management Conference, an event dealing with aspects of management and development of professional football clubs. The next edition will take place in Wrocław. FCM Conference is a pioneering event on a European scale.
Football ISM | New partnership of FDI
Introducing our new technological Partner. This time the Football Development Institute family has been joined by the Football ISM app from Portugal.
Content-related audit of FDI | special program comes to an end
A few weeks ago, we announced a "special programme" for Polish Clubs, providing the benefits of a "Content-related audit" for a total of 120,000 euro. We are slowly approaching the final decisions.

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