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The first edition of the Football Club Management Conference is behind us


About six months ago we officially announced the establishment of the Football Club Management Conference series, and the past months we have been working hard to organize the first event under the new format. On 19-20.06, the premiere edition of the FCM Conference was held at Tarczynski Arena Wroclaw. We are extremely pleased to report the full success of our venture. Football Club Management Conference is now a new event on the football map of Europe.

The post-conference period is a time of analysis, summaries and conclusions for the FDI team. With many analytical discussions behind us, we are eager to share our perspectives on the past two days.

Football Club Management Conference was – in our opinion – a complete success. We fulfilled all the assumed objectives. In particular, we would like to single out two aspects: the imparting of large amounts of knowledge on the foundation of the “Club Development Model of FDI” and the implementation of a customized conference concept.

The transfer of knowledge began with a key presentation by Marcin Gabor, presenting the structure, vision and substantive principals of the “Club Development Model of FDI”. The first and other presentations by Marcin Gabor, together with those of other Experts, formed a coherent model narrative, simulating the initial stage of the transformation process of a professional football Club on the basis of the FDI concept. A concept that is complex, detailed, in-depth and complementary. And such was the knowledge we imparted.

We also feel great satisfaction from the implementation of the original conference concept. The event in Wroclaw was part of the multi-year FCM Conference scenario, focusing this time on the preliminary stage and conceptual area of the Club’s development. The stage and area discussed were reflected in the conference main theme: “Club Development Model”. The event’s agenda was based on the “Club Development Areas of FDI”, which is an integral part of the content base of the series, the “Club Development Model of FDI”. The mentioned agenda during both conference days was characterized by a coherent narrative, building a simulation of real operations in the Club, while narrative coherence was ensured by unified speeches of Experts. We also consider the presentation of specific definitions, concepts and models as a clear substantive differentiator.

Several people have told me that the implementation of our out-of-the-box concept will not be possible. However, I am not interested in the opinions of “well-wishers”. I simply implement my ideas. Today, no one can say anymore that the original concept of the FCM Conference cannot be implemented. We have proven that even the most daring idea – supported by arguments and structure – has a chance to be implemented.

~ Marcin Gabor
author of the FCM Conference concept

The most important evaluation for FDI is always the internal analysis. At the same time, we are pleased with the very positive feedback from the Participants. We are pleased that all of them emphasised the outstandingly substantive nature of the conference, the unique knowledge and its large scope, the different concept and the good organisation of the event.

In many of the behind-the-scenes conversations, networking also came up. We received signals of numerous valuable contacts made among the Participants. This does not surprise us at all, as the Football Club Management Conference | Wrocław 2023 brought together representatives of many European Clubs.

I am delighted that another original project has come to fruition. Yes, I have developed the concept of the Football Club Management Conference, but I would not have been able to realise it without my team. I would like to thank all my colleagues who have contributed to our collective success.

~ Marcin Gabor
CEO, author of the Football Development Institute concept

In the next few months, we will be presenting more FDI educational projects based on our “Football Identity”. It is worth following the FDI communication channels to stay up to date.

Finally, we have good news for all those who did not attend the Football Club Management Conference | Wrocław 2023. We are making available the possibility to order recordings of the event. We offer two alternatives: a complete recording of the conference or selected speeches.

The order can be placed HERE.