Football Development Institute

Over a dozen years of life dedicated to football. In-depth analysis, hard work, defining knowledge, gathering experience. Creation of original definitions, concepts, content structures and design of their own ventures – in each case innovative on a European scale. Many years of dissatisfaction and anger, flowing from the struggle with the primitive level of football at various stages. All of the mentioned factors, combined into one, led me to create the Football Development Institute. Welcome to the “other world of football”.

"Progress is owed to the dissatisfied", Aldous Huxley, British writer (1894-1963), perfectly concludes my goal while capturing the background of the action.

Dissatisfaction has been with me for a long time, because I am unable to come to terms with – accepted as much collectively as unknowingly – a shallow and fragmented footbaall understanding, dramatic logical errors in its interpretation, inappropriate directions of development, as well as mindless adoption of trends. We are talking about a highly complex sport – in every aspect. Football understanding, game understanding, formulating definitions, specifying criteria, laying out concepts, building models, reading mechanisms and dependencies, planning the actions, developing methodology, carrying out activities, applying verification. I have listed areas that define an evolution process of the Club, concern the work of Board Member, Sports Director, Coach, Analyst, and other Specialists, determine the development of team and players, set action paths of other people operating in football or its environment, in other words, in sum, affect the image of football in general. Unfortunately, even this complicated construct, which requires a complex and reflective approach, can be reduced to a primitive level. Either directly or by enclosing it with hype of modernity, glitz. This is exactly what the world of football looks like today. I can’t get over it.

In such a situation, there are two choices – let it go (complain) or face the problem (improve). My character does not allow to remain indifferent or make a diagnosis without indicating a therapy, so for a decade and a half – in very diverse forms – I have been communicating insights, explaining convictions, presenting “my own football universe”, implementing a set of original structures and content solutions in all professional activities. However, some time ago an unequivocal statement reached me. Well, the method of heavily dispersed influence has limited impact. And, after all, my main goal is to raise the level of football in Europe. Then I will be satisfied (read: Huxley’s quote). This is how the idea of establishing the Football Development Institute was born.

"Football Identity of FDI", on the basis of which I composed all the Institute's projects, is one hundred percent "Football Identity of Marcin Gabor".

I have modeled it for more than fifteen years, achieving the effect of a high-quality content complex. On this basis I take full responsibility for the knowledge provided and the path taken. It is also worth mentioning that, at last, the first football institution in Europe has a precisely defined, individual characteristics – which is the foundation for the whole set of values and the conceptual and content layer. The components of the “Football Identity of FDI” are, of course, the determinant of the Institute’s activities as well as education, development and research programs, they have also become a key part of the long-term content-related external communication. Here I encourage you to explore the original content: Institute’s Vision, as well as the FDI Goals. In addition, the Education System for Specialists and the Club Development System are worth exploring.

We have a tremendous amount of work ahead of us, a long way to achieve the main goal through specific goals. In order to realistically think about achieving the goals, I have set a period of 10-15 years. After that time, I would like to move from a process of transformation to a process of consolidation. Will this be the case? Will we achieve the goals of Football Development Institute? Life writes different scenarios, but personally I like to compete with life and write my own. This is a condition for making changes.

Marcin Gabor