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We have completed the conceptual, design and technical work on the folders, presenting the directions of support and services to European Clubs from the Football Development Institute. We have presented the details of this on the website, but the additionally available package of folders allows our concept to be explored in stages.

“Club Development System” is one element of the “Complementary plan”, which is a key pillar of the strategy of the Football Development Institute. The strategic foundation in question consists of four areas in sum:

The cooperation with football Clubs is based on a self-developed idea, and we see it in a methodical as well as long-term way. “Club Development System” is a concept of multifaceted support and development of Clubs, based on the “Football Identity of FDI” and the “Club Development Model of FDI” that we have elaborated. As part of the concept, we have defined multidirectional services that we tailor individually to the needs, as well as the current situation of a specific Club.

Due to the complexity of the undertaking, we have designed five information folders, explaining step-by-step the possibilities for cooperation. In this way, representatives of the Clubs can gradually familiarise themselves with the system as a whole, more easily assimilating the content presented and, moreover, concentrating exclusively on the preferred issues. The folders also have a considerable asset from the FDI perspective, as they make communication with Clubs in Europe more concrete.

The documents contain a presentation of the concept of the “Club Development System”, present the “Club Development Areas”, our development methods and the benefits of cooperation for the Clubs, illustrate the cooperation procedure, focusing on the description of the four main support complexes along with individual issues. There is no shortage of practical tips in the form of quotes from Marcin Gabor(CEO, author of the FDI concept).

Here is the entire package of folders to download:

Initial information
Content-related audit
Development projects
"Complex Club Development" prorgamme


Clubs interested in the support provided by the Football Development Institute are encouraged to take up contact with our office. A no-obligation consultation is available.