Football Development Institute

Benefits worth 120,000 euro for Polish Clubs


Based on our various experiences, the decision was made to prepare a pioneering programme for Polish Clubs. Marcin Gabor, CEO of the Football Development Institute, decided to provide football entities in Poland with substantive benefits worth a total of 120,000 euro.

Football Development Institute projected the “Club Development System”, a concept for the multi-faceted support and improvement of European football entities. The system was based on the original foundations of the FDI: “Football Identity” and the “Club Development Model”.

Football Development Institute has defined ten “Club Development Areas”:

  • Club Management
  • Football Intellectual Foundations
  • Football & Management
  • Communication & Marketing
  • Finance
  • Legal & Licensing
  • Technology
  • Infrastructure
  • Psychology
  • Compliance & Integrity


Cooperation with Clubs across Europe includes activities within four support complexes, each with dozens of specific issues. Here are the pillars of the “Club Development System” discussed:

  • Advisory
  • Content-related audit
  • Development projects
  • “Complex Club Development” programme


For many years, I have been providing strategic advice and also supporting the development of Clubs in several European countries. In Germany, Austria, Switzerland or the Netherlands, the institution of an external expert is met with a great deal of openness and pragmatism, attitudes that often translate into a willingness to cooperate. In football Europe, Club representatives realise that – regardless of the level of a Club’s operation – it is worth discussing, gaining knowledge from Experts and allowing themselves to be helped. The described approach is missing in Polish Clubs. Instead, there is a problem with assessing the current situation of the football entity, most often there is no awareness of the complexity of the Club’s management, and there is no reflection on the development of the Club in terms of a precisely developed model. To make matters worse, there is a programmatic display of closure to external support, an unjustified fear for own reputation, not infrequently a belief in own infallibility, and a culture of contact becomes a completely alien concept. In numerous conversations, Club representatives hide behind a lack of budget for – horror of horrors! – projects to raise the level of the football entity. For this reason, I would like to counter this unreasonable argument by providing the Football Development Institute with substantive support, totalling 120,000 euro.

~ Marcin Gabor
CEO, author of the FDI concept

As of 15.08.2022, we are making the benefits of a “Content-related audit” with a total value of 120,000 euro available to Polish Clubs. The audit provides an absolute picture of the current stage, allowing for in-depth conclusions to be drawn regarding positive and negative aspects in the operation of the Club. We believe that a substantive audit is a necessary step to gain an awareness of the situation in question, helps to build a development concept, facilitates the planning of a long-term process, influences the day-to-day running of the activities, and enables appropriate control mechanisms to be applied.

Below we formulate background information in the context of our action:

  • Provided services: “Content-related audit”
  • Possible types of audit: Complex audit | Audit of one “Club Development Area” | Audit of specific topics
  • Maximum number of Clubs covered: 5
  • Total value of services: 120,000 euro
  • Maximum value of services per Club: 30.000 euro
  • The leagues included in the programme: PKO BP Ekstraklasa | Fortuna 1. Liga | eWinner 2. Liga
  • Criteria for selection of Clubs: date of application | commitment to the project | potential for real use of audit content in Club development
  • Logistics aspects: transmitted in direct communication with the Clubs
  • Ability to submit applications to: 30.09.2022
"Club Development System" | Initial information
"Club Development System" | Content-related audit


For more information and if you would like a consultation, please contact our office.