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Content-related audit of FDI | special program comes to an end


A few weeks ago, we announced a special programme for Polish Clubs, providing the benefits of a “Content-related audit” for a total of 120,000 euro. After many weeks of collecting applications, extensive discussions, numerous meetings and preliminary analyses, we are slowly approaching the final decisions.

“Special programme by FDI” was targeted at the first three league tiers in Poland. Here is the introductory article explaining our action.

Today we can already state that we have recorded a very high level of interest in the programme. We received a total of six applications from football entities from the Ekstraklasa, as well as one from the 1. Liga. After analysis and preliminary interviews, we qualified five Clubs for the second stage.

Over the past ten days, Marcin Gabor (CEO, author of the FDI concept) visited the five Clubs mentioned above (4x Ekstraklasa, 1x 1. Liga). During the meetings, he imparted his knowledge of the biggest problems of European football entities, at the same time presenting the FDI concept, the “Formula for the development of football Clubs by FDI”, as well as details of our content-related audit. In the course of intensive discussions, Marcin Gabor made many observations and drew a lot of conclusions, which not only helped in the decision-making process regarding future cooperation, but also expanded the archive of information on the functioning of Polish Clubs.


I was invited to five meetings and each one was different. I met with Club owners, Board Members and Directors. I judge two of the discussions as excellent. The human factor worked perfectly, the Clubs’ representatives sat at the table well prepared, using the discussion directly for constructive deliberation. At two other meetings I also felt a willingness to cooperate, a desire to develop the Club, but the preparation for the conversation on the part of the officials failed. I judge one of the “meetings” as absolutely unprofessional. And it is only a shame for the Club that has to be stuck in such chaotic conditions. I will report more on this in the form of “worst practice” in the next months. In summary, I want to have a clear picture of the situation by next week at the latest. Decisions will then be made as to which two Clubs will benefit from our support.

~ Marcin Gabor
CEO, author of the FDI concept

Final information on the programme, including specific decisions on the award of audit services, will be forthcoming.