Football Development Institute

Yesterday we announced our content campaign called “Prepare for autumn.” Today we launched the first specific project as part of the next phase of our development. We are pleased to announce that the specialized profile “Football Club Management | FDI” is now available.

Why did we create a separate specialized profile for this subject complex?

In our belief, the topic of “football club management and development” is one of the most important aspects of this sport, as it affects and determines the level of football as a whole. “Club Development” is an extremely important strategic pillar of the FDI, involving us on many levels. We are engaged in research projects in the field of “management and development of football Clubs”, and I have also created a complex and complementary “Club Development Model of FDI”. We support football Clubs in Europe through strategic advisory, content-related audit, development projects, as well as assistance in developing their own “Club Identity” and individual “Club Development Model”. We communicate our vision, share our knowledge and concepts in the pages of publications or various conference appearances. Therefore, we want to create an important platform for this key area.

~ Marcin Gabor
CEO, the author of FDI Concept

Specialized profile “Football Club Management” is carried out in English. We have provided for a number of thematic groups:

  • discussion of the biggest problems of European Clubs
  • presentation of our “Club Development System”
  • information on “Football Identity of FDI”
  • presentation the main principles of the “Club Development Model of FDI”
  • presentation an own interpretation of the Sports Director’s role
  • showing our vision of the participation by Board Members in the Club development
  • introducing the conclusions of the research projects
  • publishing various text forms
  • details about educational events of FDI
  • providing information on cooperation between FDI and European Clubs
  • analysis of available data about Clubs
  • commenting on current activities of European Clubs and recommendations of FDI
  • dialogue with representatives of Clubs, Associations and Federations, observing our profile


our profile can be subscribed in one of two communication channels: