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We are inaugurating the premiere project within the “Education platform of FDI”. The foundations of discussed project are the recorded lectures delivered at the Football Club Management Conference | Wrocław 2023.

From now on, everyone can purchase the complete set of recordings from the Football Club Management Conference | Wrocław 2023 or select their preferred speeches (English version). In addition, we have prepared a number of other content-related materials, available exclusively to Users of our platform.


Why take advantage of our proposal?
The content transmitted at the Football Club Management Conference opens up the possibility of gaining original knowledge and getting a new perspective on the subject of football Club development.



The concept of the Football Club Management Conference series is to simulate the transformation, as well as the long-term management and development process of a professional football Club on the foundation of the original “Club Development Model of FDI”.

The complex simulation has been implemented into a long-term project, an educational conference series with an international character. We address absolutely crucial topic, because the Club is the most important stakeholder in the world of football, most strongly influencing the level of the whole sport. For this reason, the quality of management, as well as planned, controlled and sustainable development is extremely relevant.

The author of the FCM Conference concept and the “Club Development Model of FDI” is Marcin Gabor.


MAIN THEME | Club Development Model



  • 12 lectures with a coherent narration
  • more than 13 hours of original knowledge
  • conference folder
  • presentation: FCM Conference concept | explanation of the main theme | analysis of the substantive distinctions (article) | coherent narration of the event (article) | Experts | profile of the conference Participants
  • articles (topics): football & game understanding | Club development on the example of Bayern Munich | problems of education in football
  • materials on the “Club Development System of FDI”
  • FDI Expert Hub
  • demonstration of products supporting Club development (various areas)


We encourage you to explore the information on our landing page, which takes a closer look at the idea behind the FCM Conference series and its many substantive distinctions, explains in detail the main theme of the event in Wrocław, and presents the agenda, coherent narrative and individual speeches of the first edition.


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