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Football ISM | New partnership of FDI


Football Development Insitute is working with a growing number of external entities. Today we introduce our new technological Partner. This time the Football ISM app from Portugal has joined the FDI family.

Football ISM is a professional system for managing multiple areas of the Club. The high-end application serves as the official tool for managing football Clubs in Liga Portugal (the highest competition class in Portugal: FC Porto, Benfica Lisbon, Sporting Lisbon, among others). It is also used in the daily work of such Clubs as FC Sevilla and Venezia FC. Our technological Partner’s software is also used, for example, in the Academy under the aegis of FC Barcelona.


FootballISM is based on the following pillars:

  • database
  • contextual calendar
  • research
  • document archive
  • strategic planning
  • project planning
  • project management
  • evaluation of project work
  • data analysis
  • multi-topic and multi-level linking of facts (contextual)
  • development evaluation of the Club, Specialists, Teams, Players
  • interactive tools
  • graphics app
  • tool for collective work
  • communication platform
  • integration of external applications (analytical, scouting platforms)


The FootballISM app is modular in nature. Here are the available modules:


Football Development Institute deals with the development of Clubs, organizes the education of Specialists employed by football Clubs, and provides content-related communication regarding the issue of “management and development of Clubs”. I always point out that technological support is not only a manifestation of professionalism, but also makes it possible to archive vision and concepts, gather various information, create a knowledge base, implement projects, analyze progress, centralize communication, and additionally act as a reference point for all employees of a football organization. Controlling the wide network of contextual connections in the management and development of the Club requires supporting tools from the field of new technologies. Multi-level support of FDI for European Clubs becomes even more effective in the long term when it is accompanied by appropriate documentation, as well as carefully selected technology. That’s why I made the decision to start working with Football ISM. It is the carefully selected Partner that is in our partner portfolio from now on.

~ Marcin Gabor
CEO, the author of FDI Concept

Cooperation with Football ISM includes the following levels:

  • use of the application during specialized courses | Education of Specialists
  • partnering with FDI conferences | Education of Specialists
  • presence in the partner portfolio | Club development
  • support of research projects | Analysis & Research


Prospectively, there may be additional forms of cooperation on the basis of joint projects.