Football Development Institute

Summary of SPORTBIZ 2022 conference


The SPORTBIZ 2022 event (17-18.05), where the Football Development Institute took on the role of Partner, has come to an end. Today we share a summary of the conference from our perspective.

The partner presence of the FDI was manifested through a number of communication activities initiated by the organisers (website, social media). Banners of our Institute were put up in many places at Arche Hotel Krakowska. The logo also appeared on partner walls set up in front of lecture rooms. In addition, the FDI image was present at the Sports and Business Gala.

🔷 First day


Marcin Gabortook part in the recording of a podcast entitled “The conscious game”, organised by the Football Challenge App. During the interview, the CEO and author of the FDI concept talked about his interesting professional life, explained the biggest pain points of European Clubs, presented his own “Club Development Model of FDI” with an innovative interpretation of the role of the Sports Director, and introduced the FDI specialised course called “Sports Director”.

The whole day was rounded off by the Sports and Business Gala with our participation. Before that, however, Marcin Gabor also held many interesting talks. During one of them, the conversation partner was Marek Koch, i.e. Senior Product Manager at KMD DIMA and KMD Eye4talent.


“Marek Koch is a great friend of the Football Development Institute and a man with whom cooperation is always of a professional nature. It is possible that we will soon be cooperating in further fields”.

~ Marcin Gabor
CEO, concept author of the Football Development Institute

🔷 Second day


A key element of the participation of the Football Development Institute in the SPORTBIZ 2022 event was a speech by Marcin Gabor. During his lecture, Marcin Gabor presented the problems of European Clubs based on many years of research, analysis and experience. He showed the correlation between the current state and the weak position of the Sports Director, while at the same time presenting the structure of the original “Club Development Model of FDI” with the Sports Director as the most important position in a football entity.

Shortly after the lecture, the Participants eagerly picked up the folder of the specialised course “Sports Director”, asking the speaker many questions, and several Club representatives expressed an initial interest in FDI support.

It is worth noting that all Participants of the SPORTBIZ 2022 event will receive a number of educational materials prepared by the Football Development Institute in the coming months.

Another important highlight of the second day was the meeting between Marcin Gabor and Dariusz Laszczyk, our external Expert in football law and Club licensing. The many hours’ conversation between the two gentlemen was, according to the FDI executive, very substantive.


The preparation of the Football Development Institute’s participation in the SPORTBIZ 2022 event took several weeks, and many of our colleagues contributed to the success. Apart from Marcin Gabor, Mikołaj Zych (Operations Manager) was also working hard on site in Warsaw.