Football Development Institute

We provide educational support to the Academic Circle of the School of Economics


Football Development Institute is not slowing down. Today, we present another project that fits perfectly into the structure of our strategy. We are talking about the part entitled “Education of Specialists”. From now on, we are educating students by starting a long-term cooperation with the Students’ Scientific Circle of Sports Management at the Warsaw School of Economics (SGH).

We are willing to provide substantive support to young people for whom the values of commitment and hard work are not a taboo subject, but an everyday reality. During discussions with representatives of the Students’ Scientific Circle of Sports Management at the Warsaw School of Economics, we were convinced that we can rest assured about the students’ willpower traits, and that the assistance given by the Football Development Institute will become an important element in the development of the members of the student organisation. We have been informed that membership of the SKN in question involves an additional recruitment process, which leads to higher standards for our new Academic Partner.

From the beginning of the creation of the Football Development Institute strategy, students have been high on the educational hierarchy. In addition to Specialists active in the world of football, I am keen to prepare future executives, managers and people in other roles at European Clubs. When cooperating with the SGH Academic Circle, we focus on education from the perspective of three Specialist roles, which are extremely important for the functioning of the Club: Board Member | Sports Director | Academy Director. By betting on people at the threshold of their professional life, we can form Specialists with the correct football awareness, building their own “Football Identity”, far from focusing on primitive trends or stereotypes, acting on the foundation of truly substantive knowledge as well as developed competences.

~ Marcin Gabor
CEO, author of the FDI concept

We will keep you updated on the details of the cooperation, but it is worth mentioning its general objectives. We have defined several objectives. FDI focuses on activating students in the area of professional football. We will consistently present footballfrom the genuinely professional side, i.e. based on the “Football Identity of FDI”. We will support students in the difficult art of selecting the right Specialist role for their preferences and predispositions. The most active individuals will be introduced to the education pathway under the auspices of the FDI. Qualified students will be advised by us, we will create favourable conditions for participation in specialised courses, and we will also open up opportunities for internships and traineeships (FDI, European Clubs). Development in the form of a long-term process awaits the outstanding figures in this group (“FDI Prospect”).

Let us give the floor to the students themselves.

I believe that the cooperation with the Football Development Institute will enable members of the circle to develop and find their way in the field of professional football. This is very important for us, because – as in the case of the FDI – our goal is to educate future managers who occupy the most important positions in the world of sport. We are very satisfied with Mr. Marcin Gabor’s great willingness to work with the student community and, after initial discussions, we were already convinced that this cooperation would be mutually beneficial.

~ Adam Pasierski
Head of the Student Scientific Circle of Sports Management at the Warsaw School of Economics

We will report on the first concrete steps in support of the Football Development Institute in the following weeks.