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European Clubs: biggest problems, causes, consequences

Taking into account the 25 European leagues, we have two groups of football Clubs. On the one side, the Clubs are recording ever-increasing financial revenues, have fantastic technology and a constantly improving infrastructure. On the other group are Clubs that are much more modest financially, only trying to improve their technological status and suffering from infrstructure deficiencies.

In theory, we are dealing with two different worlds. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Clubs belonging to both groups have a number of points in common. We are talking about problems that hinder controlled and calculable development on many planes, while at the same time squandering the real potential of the Club. These are all internal factors, based on the management style.

During the webinar, Marcin Gabor (author of the “Club Development System of FDI”) will present:

  • the original analysis of the 20 biggest problems of European Clubs, supported by a research project conducted by the Football Development Institute
  • interpretation of the causes behind these problems
  • consequences for development of European Clubs
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The webinar “European Clubs: biggest problems, causes, consequences” forms the preliminary stage of the Football Club Management Conference (19-20.06, Wroclaw). For Participants of FCM Conference, thewebinar is free of charge. To receive an access code, please write to our office.

Other persons can participate in the webinar by completing the standard registration.


Persons interested in learning more about the conference are invited to read the FCM Conference folder.

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