Football Development Institute

We partner with SPORTBIZ 2022


We recently reported on the premiere Partnership in the history of the Football Development Institute, and today we are announcing another one. We are officially announcing our status as a Partner of one of the biggest international sports events in Poland, namely SPORTBIZ 2022.

SPORTBIZ celebrates its twentieth anniversary in 2022. After years of transformation, today it is a conference of the sports and business community, dealing with the topics of management of football Clubs and Academies, as well as marketing, communication, sponsorship, implementation of sports events. The organisers focus on educational impulses, combined with the opportunity to establish professional contacts: between Specialists and sporting entities. SPORTBIZ 2022 – during two days – combines several events in one place. We mean several parallel conferences, thematic workshops, a trade fair and an elegant gala.

SPORTBIZ is one of the largest and most important international sports events in Poland, with representatives of Associations, Clubs, Academies, educational institutions, providers of content products, as well as people representing marketing agencies, sponsors or local authorities.


Here are the facts about SPORTBIZ 2022:

  • date: 17-18.05.2022
  • location: Warszawa, Hotel Arche Krakowska
  • integrated events: SPORTBIZ PL (a conference with speeches in Polish on issues of marketing, communication, sponsoring and event organisation) | SPORTBIZ INTERNATIONAL (similar issues, foreign speakers, English language) | workshops (topics include management of a sports facility, organisation of a sports event, attracting sponsors, managing an athlete’s image) | Football Academies and Coaches Forum (development of football Clubs and Academies – presentation by Marcin Gabor, competence of the Coach, generating revenue in the Academy, new technologies) | SPORTBIZ EXPO (trade fair for exhibitors from the sports industry) | Sports and Business Gala (award ceremony in six categories, networking)

One conclusion is extremely important. Taking on the status of Partner by the Football Development Institute means substantive support for the event. FDI will impart – in various forms – a considerable dose of knowledge, thus continuing the process of presenting and explaining the “Football Identity of FDI”. I was already invited early on by the organisers of SPORTBIZ 2022 to be a speaker, but the Partnership will allow us to reach a large number of Participants even more fully with our ideas.

~ Marcin Gabor
CEO, concept author of the FDI

Our partner presence during and around the SPORTBIZ event has two key facets. On the basis of the substantive aspects, we enrich the conference and, at the same time, carry out a project in “Content-related communication”. We show the fragmented nature of trends in “modern” football, pointing out their major logical errors. We present our own football understanding, our game understanding and clarify the various nuances of the “Football Identity of FDI”. In addition, we take another step on the road to building the Football Development Institute’s recognisability, make it thought-provoking, influence football public opinion, and show the advantages of educating Specialists and developing Clubs with the quality mark of FDI.

Specific elements of the presence of the FDI as a Partner:

  • presentation by Marcin Gabor during the Football Academies and Coaches Forum with the topic of his original “Club Development Model | Role of the Sports Director in European football”
  • provision, in three stages, of numerous professional publications and studies to all Participants: “The FDI concept” | the information folder of the specialised course “Sports Director” | the article “Referees are always blamed” | the article “The role of the Sports Director in European football” | the information folder “Cooperation with Clubs”
  • participation of Marcin Gabor in a partner podcast on the development of the Club
  • extensive FDI exposure during the event
  • reaching Participants of the event with a professional message also after the event


During SPORTBIZ 2022, there is also the opportunity to meet and talk to Marcin Gabor, as well as Mikołaj Zych (Operations Manager).