Football Development Institute

An extremely important point in the strategy of the Football Development Institute is ” Content-related communication”. Therefore, today we can happily announce that a expert article of a premiere nature has appeared in the “Publications” section.

“Content-related communication” is one of the four pillars of our “Complementary plan”, the consistent and long-term implementation of which is expected to raise the level of football in Europe. We consider expert articles to be an extremely important factor of communication with the FDI label, which – like other forms of content-related communication – fulfil a number of objectives:

  • forming correct football awareness
  • identifying football problems
  • exposing trends and stereotypes in “modern football”
  • presenting the correct football understanding and game understanding
  • precisely explaining the “Football Identity of FDI”
  • presenting the values, definitions, concepts, models, dependencies, planning, criteria, methodology, control mechanisms by the FDI
  • providing arguments confirming the correctness of the articulated concepts
  • promoting an individual “Football Identity”
  • popularisation of content canons by FDI
  • creating correct standards
  • building the value of independent thinking
  • implementing the habit of a complex approach to football

Recently, a premiere text entitled “Referees are always blamed” appeared on the website under “Publications | Articles”. The author, Marcin Gabor, undertook a precise analysis of the relationship between Club managers, Coaches and football players on the one hand and football referees on the other. The main thesis of the expert publication is based on the finding of unfair, hurtful and unjustified criticism of referees, resulting from the misunderstanding of football and the game by the above-mentioned professional groups.

Oto fragment artykułu:

“It is they (Club officials, Coaches and football players) who have collectively adopted the inventory of “modern football”, leading to a loss of control over their team, the course of pitch actions, as well as the opponent. Ergo, the “football environment” is fully responsible for the dramatic decrease in the quality of the team tactics (organization of team play), reducing the matter of tactics to an embarrassing format, and making the structural development of teams impossible. The conclusion is clear: the constantly out of control course of events on the pitch and the associated frustration is not the fault of any referee on the planet.”

We invite you to read the full article.