Football Development Institute

Introducing a new Partner


Football Development Institute undertakes cooperation with selected entities that support our activities in various areas. Today we present one of the Content Partners. We are talking about Laszczyk Football Group.

Starting discussed cooperation has several important aspects for the Football Development Institute, perfectly matching the strategic-conceptual assumptions. However, before we present the levels of practical cooperation, it is worth looking at the areas in which Laszczyk Football Group specializes:

Football law

  • publication of professional articles in the field of football law
  • legal services to Football Clubs and Academies
  • preparation of club documentation
  • drafting professional contracts, investment and sponsorship agreements
  • legal assistance in disputes with other Clubs, Specialists and Football Agents
  • debt collection in the world of football
  • legal service of transfers
  • recovery of equivalents for training of the player (Poland, Europe)


Raising funding for Clubs

  • documentation preparation in order to obtain sports subsidies
  • documentation preparation to obtain grants for the construction and renovation of sports infrastructure
  • brokering the acquisition of sponsors and business partners


Commercial use of image

  • creating a plan for the commercial use of the Specialist’s or Player’s image
  • support in project implementation


Support of Specialists and Footballers in the process of creating business projects

  • assistance in selecting the nature of sports activities
  • development of a business model
  • project implementation


Managing partner of the Group is Dariusz Laszczyk. He is a respected lawyer, who specializes in football law and also has a degree in economics. For many years, Laszczyk has been assisting Clubs, Academies, Sports Directors, Coaches and Players in various matters requiring excellent knowledge of law: both football and civil legislation. In addition, he is the author of professional publications in the field of football law. Mentioned content can be found on – belonging to Dariusz Laszczyk – blog “Prawopił”, as well as in the magazine “Asystent Trenera”.

It has been many years since I met Dariusz Laszczyk. We have cooperated on many projects, supported each other’s ventures in partnership. And during such a long time, counted with a number of different forms of cooperation, I managed to appreciate Mr. Laszczyk’s professionalism, matter-of-factness, as well as content-based knowledge. My proposal for cooperation was based on two factors. First, I hold the owner of Laszczyk Football Group in high esteem of a human nature. The second is that the areas of specialization fit in with my need to complement the content layer of the Football Development Institute. A perfect underlining of my trust in Dariusz Laszczyk is the fact that our Partner supported me in the process of establishing the Football Development Institute company.

~ Marcin Gabor
CEO, the author of FDI Concept

Cooperation with Laszczyk Football Group is based on several levels:

  • publication of problem articles in the football law field on the Football Development Institute website
  • Dariusz Laszczyk received the status of FDI Expert Team member | he will teach in the main area “Legal & Licensing”
  • Support for Football Development Institute in the context of the Clubs development process | topic: “Legal & Licensing” (Advisory, Content-Related Audit, Development Projects, “Complex Club Development”).

I met Mr. Marcin Gabor more than 6 years ago, when we started our cooperation with small legal support projects. From the very beginning, he appeared as an extremely competent, systematic, knowledgeable and, above all, as a person with a clearly outlined – importantly, created from start to finish by himself – vision, mission and goal of action in the professionalization of football in the broadest sense. The collection of all these qualities distinguishes Mr. Marcin in an uncommon way from most of the people from the so-called “football environment” with whom I have had contact up to that time. One could even say that he is a person who “does not fit” into the football scheme, and certainly a person who can do a lot of good for European football and make revolutionary changes.

I am incredibly pleased to be a part of the projects implemented by Mr. Marcin Gabor, and in particular I am delighted to be entrusted with the role of sports law expert at the Football Development Institute. Especially since I had the opportunity to make a “small contribution” in its creation.

The direction outlined by FDI, which is the professionalization of football through education and Club development, is 100% identical to the vision and mission of my business, which is highly valuable to me.

~ Dariusz Laszczyk
CEO of Laszczyk Football Group, member of FDI Expert Team (sports law)

Football Development Institute is looking forward to long-term cooperation. We are working together.